Loft conversion entails an assortment of stages, each carefully executed to fit into the next. To facilitate this process effectively, our loft conversion experts rely on drawings and planning put together right at the start.

Drawings and Planning in East London

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Loft Conversion Plannings

Before the loft conversion even begins, this plan will need to be fleshed out, finalised and signed off on. This ensures that both you as the homeowner and our loft conversion experts are all envisioning the same outcome. This is also the stage in which they set out the optimal methods and materials they will use to achieve this outcome.

The objective of the loft conversion drawing and planning stage includes the following points, listed below:

a drawing of plans for a loft conversion

Understand Your Vision For a Loft Conversion

Many clients have a vague idea of what they want, but they struggle to conceive the completed picture. This is in part due to their uncertainty about the realities of bringing a loft conversion to life.

Our loft conversion specialists located in East London gladly offer advice on:

• How best to optimise space
• Ventilation, views and other parameters
• And furthermore offer guidance on the potential legal requirements imposed on a property
• These parameters are then all taken into account and filtered through an architect
• In order to provide the client with a complete picture of the loft conversion that is set to take place

Ensure Everyone Understands Every Aspect of the Project

Reviewing a loft conversion project ​​​​​​​

Having set drawings and plans to work from ensures all project participants are aligned in their goal.

This includes:

• You as the client
• Our team of loft conversion builders
• The presiding managers who oversee the project, among others

Meet Planning Permission Guidelines

The planning stage is ideal for configuring the details and technicalities of the project, prior to any money being expended. With an expert loft conversion specialist and architect behind your drawings and planning, you can rest assured that legalities have been taken into account. What’s more, if planning permission or other paperwork is required, you will have the expertise of our team and experts to help you acquire it.

Demonstrate the Potential of the House to Future Buyers

Even if you decide not to go ahead with the loft conversion, having the appropriate planning and drawings can enable you to show prospective buyers that your property has the full potential for a loft conversion. This proof of the property’s potential is often best reflected when one can demonstrate an official and feasible plan on paper.

Loft Conversion Drawings Service

We work alongside architects who are recognised in the field for building excellence. Over the course of our years as loft conversion specialists, we have forged partnerships with some of the most trusted, experienced and innovative architects in East London.

This has enabled us to confidently:
• Offer clients a platform from the first stage of loft conversion to the building stage
• Without them having to worry about sourcing their own drawings, or an architect to create them
• That said, if you have your own architect who has helped you in the past, or with whom you are more familiar, our team would be happy to work off their drawings

London Dream Lofts provides professional loft conversion drawings and planning in East London and surrounding areas. Get in touch for more information.

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