There are numerous benefits to getting a loft conversion in East London or anywhere in the UK. With house prices rising, it is becoming increasingly difficult to move out when additional space is needed.

Loft Conversion Benefits

Converted kitchen by london dream lofts

It is also becoming a more suitable time to look at options such as renting out unused space on your property. This can provide individuals such as students with less expensive housing options, while bringing in a recurring revenue for you.

Add Value To The House

You can increase the resale value of your property with a simple loft conversion

• a loft conversion can result in a multitude of appealing features
• including adding new rooms to the house such as offices, hobby rooms and bedrooms
• Even if you opt for a simpler loft conversion, such as adding velux windows, you will gain additional headspace
• moreover you will gain light and ventilation
• potential future buyers will view such attributes favourably and be able to factor them into the asking price

Avoid the Upheaval of a Move

converted living room by london dream lofts

Not only is finding a new house that is value for money and situated in the ideal location a struggle
• but it is even more of a struggle to go through with a move
• moving requires packing and moving trucks, as well as setting up in your new rooms
• it can also require coming to grips with a new area, now that your old stores and roads are out of reach
• the upheaval of moving can easily be avoided with a loft conversion
• acquire the space you need to expand the family or your own living space without having to take on the dreaded task of moving house

Gain Space Without Losing Space Elsewhere

Increase the number of rooms in your home without having to overhaul old spaces. You can keep all your current bedrooms and hobby rooms, and still gain the additional rooms you require. It may be an easier solution than transforming much-needed areas such as the garage.

Gain New Views

Views are oftentimes obstructed by neighbouring properties, greenery and other low-level obstacles. Some spectacular views might be available from the heights of your property, and these can be acquired through a loft conversion.

Gain New Rooms

You can finally install your new gym, office, guest room, nursery, library, cinema, entertainment room, art studio and much more. Almost any house is suitable for a loft conversion, and the number of rooms you stand to gain from the exercise will depend on your type of property.

Grow the Family

Converted Bedroom by London Dream Lofts

Welcoming a new child into the family can mean more bedrooms are required

• rather than replace rooms such as the study, gym or guest room
• you can simply implement a brand new space with a loft conversion
• our team at London Dream Lofts can assist with a tailormade space or nursery to keep your new baby safe and happy

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Admit Light and Air

Installing a new room, new windows, skylights or other features, will add considerable sunlight and ventilation to your home. The space available above you will grant the house a feeling of spaciousness, and the ability to open new windows will admit natural light and fresh air.

London Dream Lofts offers loft conversions in East London and surrounding areas. Get in touch for more information.

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