At London Dream Lofts, it is imperative to us, when we undertake loft conversions across East London, that our clients receive the dream loft they envisioned for their home.

How We Work | Loft Conversion in East London

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Whether clients are based in East London, North East London and all areas in between, we do not compromise on giving property owners our premium services at a competitive price.
Before we commence work on any property - be it a stand alone home, terraced house or a semi-detached property, we guide all clients through the process of achieving that stunning loft conversion that will, without a doubt be a worthy investment. Feel free to read our complete loft conversion guide.

Step 1: Consultation

drawing a project by london dream lofts

Where do we start?

• a free site survey is conducted by one of our planners
• at a time of your convenience we will discuss with you all the specifications
• we will help to create your stunning loft conversion and answer any questions you may have
• our next step will be to provide you with a cost efficient plan for the project requirements before the work is started

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Step 2: Planning

Architect drawing by london dream lofts

London Dream Lofts has an in house architect and structural engineer that will begin the process of planning the loft conversion project when a client has agreed to the quote and a complete breakdown of costs to commence the project. As loft conversion specialists, the planning process helps us to evaluate the structure of the property from the layout of the property to more complex designs such as wiring, lighting and plumbing.

What can you expect from us?

• at London Dream Lofts we will ensure to handle all planning regulations required
• we will enable to set the project in motion
• London Dream Lofts is known for working closely with their clients
• you will be provided a project outline including a timeline on when the project can be expected to be completed

Step 3: Drawing

Once all planning has been approved, our structural engineers and architects will be able to design a blueprint from the evaluation of the property to start creating designs that will best fit the property and the client’s desired loft conversion.

Step 4: Construction

London Dream Lofts worker constructing a project

Following our project timeline and blueprint designs, a team of loft conversion experts including a project manager will be dedicated in carrying out the project for our clients.

Professional from start to finish

• we do our best to complete a loft conversion construction within two months
• although this can vary depending on what type of conversion is to be constructed
• however, with simpler constructions, we aim at completing the project within a few weeks from start to finish
• always leaving your property newly refurbished and modern with no mess
• and no builder’s waste or incomplete plumbing and wiring

London Dream Lofts worker cleaning after finished loft conversion

At the end of each construction, a full inspection is done by our structural engineers and architects to certify that the structure is build to be rigid and certainly a stunning loft conversion of your dreams.

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