When you are looking to find the best and most affordable loft conversion company it can become challenging.
Here are some good arguments to why consider London Dream Lofts as your
loft conversion specialist.

Why us?

London Dream Lofts Van

London Dream Lofts are among the leading companies that
offer premium services at an affordable and fixed price, additionally always strive to continue being customer oriented leaders.

LDL is very good at keeping what you are promised, indeed sticking to strict deadlines and design plans that were
approved by you. The specialists at our company are very dedicated, we make sure
that there is a talented project manager that carries out designs to your stunning dream loft.

We are equipped to install
• Modifications such as French doors
• Velux windows or Juliet balconies that will suit your home and style.
• We have registered and experienced architects and planners in house
• Moreover we use high quality materials to ensure a perfect build.
• In addition London Dream Lofts offers a 10 year insurance
• And all loft conversions are designed for maximum space usage

Experienced loft conversion specialists in East London

• London Dream Lofts are located in Dagenham east London
• we acquire more than 20 years expertise
• many of our projects are posted on instagram, there you can see our work
• we offer chargeless, no-obligation quote online
• you are welcome to complete the quotation form
• we are customer oriented and approach our clients immediately

Watch the below video with our latest highlights on loft conversion projects.

When it is time to be creative, you can check on internet, try to look after inspiration at different places.
Make sure you choose what fits best to your new loft and through this way you will make the most out of the situation to
get the look you dreamed about.

How to design your new loft

furniture in a bedroom
photo by Hutomo Abrianto

The access to your new converted loft

It is a very good idea that you do not end up building a staircase that might take a lot of space and
make it difficult for you to move around. As well it is very important that you build a staircase that is suitable
according to the space in the room - that is as well because you may want to move things up and down which
would not be that easy if you do not think this thoroughly.

What colours should we use ?

It is obvious that at some point you might want to switch from using a room as a study room to, for example a living room.
That is why you should make sure that when you choose the colours for that specific room - they are maybe neutral
colours. Neutral colours are easy to adapt to different type of rooms. Neutral colours are as well the right colour if you want to
have the feeling that there is more space in the room.

Always think smart

As you are converting your loft:

• Think about ways that can make your room look bigger.
• You can for example decide on using a large skylight to let the light get in.
• This will make your room seem bigger.
• The skylight will look as well very pretty.
• Converting the loft is often the easiest way to creating new space compared to buying a new house.
• In general it can be more expensive to find a new place with an extra room compared to converting the loft that you already have.
• It is said that the loft conversion in average can increase the value of your home up to 25%

Therefore loft converting can be a good investment.

Loft conversion tips with regards to creation of new space

Home Interior
photo by Chastity Cortijo

Make a clear plan over the unexpected expenses

When it comes to implementation of the electrics and plumbing it can become challenging with regards to the unexpected arise of costs.
That is why loft conversion companies rather choose a qualified electrician have a through control over the area before the company decides to estimate a possible loft conversion quote.

It is required that an implementation of a permanent staircase has to take place

According to building regulations your loft conversion has to have a permanent staircase if the loft conversion is meant to become a study room, play room, bathroom or a bedroom.
Building the stairs you might be losing space below, thus this needs to be considered regarding the space you lose compared the space that you will be gaining.

It is very important that you take into consideration the fire regulations

You will have to choose materials that are in compliance with fire resistance standards.

In the occasion of a loft conversion that includes in the project several rooms, it is required that there should be an emergency exit for the roof. There are several ways how to build an emergency exit – however if windows are to be applied then Velux is a very good company that can provide purpose designed windows that fits your individual loft conversion project.

A very good place to find the exact details concerning the requirements is by visiting www.ukbuildingstandards.org.uk. Another requirement is that you implement a smoke detector in the hallway, additionally you will have to install a sprinkler system if the floor of the building is more than 7.5m above the ground. In the case of a home that is of two floors, then the doors near the staircase will have to be in compliance with fire standards in order to create the safe conditions for the way out from the attic until the exit point in the ground floor.

Make sure for a budget that keeps your economy safe and a plan for the period range of the project

A loft conversion project will usually last between 3 to 5 weeks and is considered amongst the least disruptive constructions to do on your home.
Ground-floor construction work, are normally considered more disruptive type of projects, however a loft conversion can be noisy.

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