Loft conversions can be an anxiety inducing experience when looking to refurbish your home or when you’re looking for more living space. More often than not purchasing a new home can be very expensive especially if you would like to be located near work, places of convenience or your children’s school.

Type of Loft Conversions

Home being converted by London Dream Lofts ​​​​​​​

We at London Dream Lofts understand the need for more space that is modern and provides your home with something extra special.

Loft Conversion Types
For various home designs, we have enlisted all the stunning loft conversions that London Dream Lofts carries out.

Rooflight Conversion
With the installation of a window and allowing natural light in, the rooflight conversion otherwise known as the Velux window conversion is the most cost efficient and the least time consuming. The rooflight loft conversion maintains the property’s architectural footprint which means that planning permission is not always required. Although this type of loft conversion does not maximise the space, the conversion

Full Width Dormer Conversion
Extending vertically outward from the property’s roof, a full width dormer conversion is constructed to run the length of the property.

This type of conversion design creates
• A substantial amount of loft space to which a Juliet balcony
• French doors and large windows can be installed to open up your property to a lovely view of the neighbourhood

When building the full width dormer conversion, most of the work carried out is from scaffolding on the outside of one’s home which eliminates substantial disruption in comparison to other loft conversion types
• Turn the converted space into a luxurious master bedroom with an en-suite
• A family entertainment room, cinema or home office with the lower roofline that the full width dormer conversion offers

L-shaped Dormer
Constructed by two conjoining dormer builds, the L-shaped dormer conversions are stretched out across a main roof and the rear roof. Often designed for Edwardian or Victorian inspired property, the L-shaped dormer can be built for various homes depending on the architectural design of the property. With much larger space to work with, one is able to use the space to build two bedrooms for growing families, a beautiful living room or a study and playroom for the children.

Single Dormer
Often the most popular loft conversion in the UK particularly on traditional property
• The single dormer conversion allows for a little more space
• Although not a significant amount of space, the single dormer conversion is great for letting in a lot more light into the loft
• And eliminating the feeling of a cramped attic
• Without changing the original aesthetic of the property, the conversion is certainly the cheapest of loft conversions
• And can be built on the wide side of the roof or on the side as found on homes with gable roofs

Common in 1930s to 1960s semi-detached properties of the Victorian era, a Hip-To-Gable loft conversion is generally constructed as a detached bungalow and terrace or a semi-detached end to the property. The conversion extends the roof slopes, turning them into gable walls creating a considerable amount of headspace to a loft.

Mansard Loft Conversion
A mansard loft conversion reaches the top of the roof
• Achieving maximum loft space and a lot more headroom unlike the rooflight loft conversion
• This conversion requires that the roof’s slope is more or less 72 degrees and in fulfilling this loft conversion
• One may incur premium costs as one side of the roof would be removed
• The design of the mansard conversion however certifies to add character to your home without any additional boxed dormer to the roof of the property
• Achieving a stunning design and finish to a home, London Dream Lofts is able to install custom French doors or Velux windows to homes with the mansard loft conversion

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